Agent Apprenticeship Program (AAP)

Agents admitted to the Agent Apprenticeship Program will benefit from a combination of in-classroom and real-world training to help them find and source leads, create and evaluate comps, write bid-winning offers, defend their client’s best interests, and more!


TO APPLY for a spot in the AAP 2022 cohort, click here.



Although the official duration of the program is 1 year, the experience of and support for each apprentice varies upon the completion of the 6 month performance review. Those apprentices who demonstrate success in real estate transactions before the 6 month review have the opportunity to gain more independence and advance their career within the firm for the second half of the program. An apprentice with extraordinary success and mastery of real estate may graduate from the program and further advance their career within the firm at the 6 month performance review. Agents who struggle to meet certain markers by the 6 month review will continue to receive support through classes, partnerships, workshops, and more.


At the end of the program, apprentices who have performed well in the AAP will be offered opportunities to advance their real estate careers within Evolve Realty.


In-classroom instruction: 

The AAP cohort will learn technical skills and real estate concepts as a class through in-person instruction at the Evolve Realty office at 25 Main Street, as public health conditions and logistics allow. 

Core classes Key classes Guest Speakers
Attendance for in-classroom instruction is mandatory for core classes, which teach fundamental skills necessary to complete a real estate transaction.  Apprentices will need to attend a set minimum number of key classes to remain in good standing with the AAP.  

These classes equip agents to create a sustainable business, including the use and implementation of tools, how to best serve your clients, and lead generation. 

Attendance for guest speakers depends on the importance of the topics covered. 

All apprentices will be notified of these beforehand. 


Experiential learning:

The AAP cohort will implement what they’ve learned in the classroom by shadowing successful and more experienced agents, as well as receiving detailed support through their first transaction.

Shadowing Simulations Partnerships
Shadowing opportunities can include:

  • Lead generation (in-person)
  • Lead generation (virtual/phone)
  • Open Houses
  • Use of online tools
Simulations may include:

  • Lead generation
  • Listing appointments
  • Negotiations
  • Evaluating home inspection reports
  • Creating comps
  • Appraisal reports
Members of the AAP cohort will collaborate in different exercises (like lead generation) to reinforce key skills. 

Members of the AAP cohort will be broken into teams and tackle their first real estate transaction together. 



Direct access to Broker Digital Library Office Hours
Most classes will be taught by Evolve Realty’s broker, Vera Lucia, and thus apprentices can tap into her expert knowledge.

Once apprentices begin navigating real estate transactions, they can reach out to the Broker with urgent, sale-relevant questions during reasonable hours.

Prior classes and notes will be available online for future reference, according to logistical ability.  Vera Lucia and Emily Isabel will have office hours where apprentices can ask non-urgent questions and receive 1:1 support.

Please see Vera Lucia for real estate specific questions and Emily Isabel for technology & marketing questions. 



  • Apply to Evolve Realty’s Agent Apprentice Program (AAP) by June 20th, 2022
    • Please note that you need not be licensed by the application due date, but candidates must be licensed by the interview if they are selected for the next round
  • Interview with Vera Lucia and Emily Isabel by July 1st, 2022
    • During this time, candidates will learn more about Evolve Realty and visit the office, while the Evolve Team gets to learn more of their personalities, accomplishments, and goals
  • Get accepted into the AAP!
  • Participate in & attend the AAP
    • Please see attendance requirements outlined above
  • 6 month performance review
    • Apprentices who demonstrate success can increase their independence and further their career within the program
    • Apprentices who demonstrate extraordinary success may graduate from the AAP at this point and further their career within the firm
    • Apprentices who struggle to meet certain milestones will continue with their current position
  • End of program review
    • Apprentices with continued success will be given the opportunity to advance their real estate careers within the firm



All applicants should understand that working as a successful real estate agent (full time) requires significant time and hard work, and cannot be done as a side hustle. Given the necessary dedication and commitment to working as an agent in the real world, we expect apprentices to display similar dedication and commitment to the AAP. 


Most real estate transactions take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to close, with 2-8 weeks of searching for the right property for the client. Throughout the real estate industry, real estate agents are responsible for the generation, nurturing, and serving of their own leads. Evolve Realty follows industry standards. Although we support our apprentices in getting off the ground, we make no guarantees of “free leads.”

TO APPLY for a spot in the AAP 2022 cohort, click here.